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Create fundraising page

Set yourself a challenge and create an online fundraising page to help us reach our goal of raising $100,000 towards Red Nose research grants available for Australia’s best researchers to apply for later this year.

Wear a red nose for a day, take on a physical challenge or simply ask your friends and family to support you.

To get started simply click the link below or for more information give us a call on 1300 173 366.

Host a fundraiser event

Hosting a fundraising event is a rewarding experience and a great way to support Red Nose Day.

Your event could be a morning tea, family fun day, trivia night or dress up party – the options are endless!

Whatever your idea, the experienced Red Nose Day fundraising team are here to work with you to get your fundraising event up and running.

Complete the registration form and a member of our fundraising team will be in touch to discuss your event and how we can help.

Be a volunteer

Every year hundreds of volunteers support the work of Red Nose by hitting the streets on the last Friday in June to sell our Red Nose Day products.

By joining the Red Nose Day volunteer force you will be helping us to save little lives and support families.

Register your interest now and we’ll get in touch about how you can help us this Red Nose Day.

We love that the public are so kind and generous. Being able to meet the other volunteers on the day, share in the fun gives you a real buzz and a real sense of personal pride.

As a hobby I make origami-inspired handmade cards and gift accessories. For Red Nose Day I set up an online fundraising page when every time a donation came through I would make a new origami heart and upload a photo onto my page, it was instant motivation for me to keep going and great for others to see my progress.

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