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Is your business in this Red Nose Day? In Australia nine children die suddenly and unexpectedly every day. We don’t fully understand why, but we’re going to find out and we’ll succeed. Red Nose made this pledge to Australia and now we are calling on you to support and make it happen.

Get your business involved by ordering a pre-packaged Red Nose Day Product Box filled with Red Noses, Pens, Plush Toys and other popular products. These product boxes are a great way to show your support and engage your customers or colleagues in supporting Red Nose.

Feel like doing more? Perhaps it might be appropriate to host a morning tea in your office? For those that are a little competitive, create an office challenge and set up an online fundraising page for team members to compete against each other.

Whatever you decide the Red Nose fundraising team are here to help, simply register your activities and we will be in touch to support your fundraising efforts.

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Create your fundraising page

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Last year in addition to selling merchandise, the CUA hub in Sydney held a morning tea where staff made a gold coin donation. It is a great way to get everyone involved in helping to raise funds but also create awareness.

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